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How are your investments?

Rory Clark, Board Member



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Have you ever attended an investment seminar? I have. High-end hotel, motivational speaker, promises of rapid wealth, high pressure tactics. Of course, not all investments are scams. Had you lived in, say, 1st century Ephesus, you could have gotten some excellent investment advice from a certain Paul (a highly qualified expert in “stocks and bonds”). Thankfully, his “investment strategy” has been preserved for us in his second letter to Timothy (2:2):


And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.


Here the Apostle Paul mentions several generations of “investors”: himself, Timothy, reliable people, and others. Timothy received something from Paul, which he was to entrust to reliable people, who would then be qualified to teach others. If we follow the chain of “reliable people” and “others” down through history, we eventually begin to see the faces of people we know – those who have invested in us. We hope that others will see our faces as well.


But there’s another category of “reliable people” and “others” – people we can come alongside through the ministry of Synergie Francophone, most of whom we’ll never know. These people often speak several languages in addition to French. Taken together, we potentially have “investment opportunities” in at least 1,200 languages. Talk about “diversifying” one’s portfolio!

Rory Clark, Board Member


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