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Celebrate 70 years of God's faithfulness by joining us in seven unique opportunities to continue cultivating fruitfulness in the French-speaking world!

GIve 70

The goal of Synergie Francophone’s work, working with God, is to bring about spiritual growth and fruitfulness that will transform lives, local churches, communities, and nations in the French-speaking world. We do this by purchasing and supplying Bibles and Christian resources in French for people without access to them and we ship them to such communities around the world. We help Christian authors writing for their own cultural context, the training of local Christian journalists, and sustainable local printing on demand. We select strategic, reputable ministry partners – church or mission groups – and distribute biblical resources through their ministries of evangelism, disciple-making, training of leaders, and equipping of local churches to be effective and reproduce. This assures that recipients of resources are trained in their use and nurtured in environments promoting growth and fruitfulness.

Gospel Waves

Gospel Waves Support evangelism by radio broadcasts 24/7 and the distribution of Christian literature in the Province of Quebec, Canada, where fewer than 1 percent of the population follows Christ. Flag of Quebec-3 by Claudette Gallant: License: CCO Public Domain Find Out MoreFind Out More About Gospel Waves

Man with shoe

Beautiful Feet Put “beautiful feet” on the ground in Africa, Haiti, and other places, by sending an experienced teacher to train leaders who will train more leaders. Send Stamp is our current project to get French radio teacher and author Alain Stamp back to African countries to train leaders – with Christian books of course! Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC-BY-ND Find Out MoreFind Out More About Beautiful Feet


Culturally Correct Sponsor a local Christian theologian to write books that are adapted to his or her culture, for all levels of readers, from new Christians to Master’s students, by supporting Culturally Correct. Find Out MoreFind Out More About Culturally Correct

Newspaper Bundle

Write Truth Right helps train Christian journalists to influence readers for Christ. Synergie Francophone partners with Magazine Training International, the only Christian organization of its kind, that recently began training journalists in French-speaking Africa. Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC-BY-SA-NC Find Out MoreFind Out More About Write Truth Right

Shelf Filled with Books

Fill Their Shelves Imagine a Christian university without any books! That is the case for many universities in the developing world. Build their library by purchasing books to fill their shelves with the Christian resources they need to understand God’s word, apply it in their lives, and teach it. Photo credit: Bagudekia Alobeyo Find Out MoreFind Out More About Fill Their Shelves


Adopt a Country One country at a time, we are offering you the opportunity to impact people who have never heard of Jesus Christ as we partner with missionaries to the least reached. Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC-BY-SA Find Out MoreFind Out More About Adopt a Country

christmas images

Christmas Year-round Don’t wait until Christmas to change a person’s life. Through our Christmas Year-round book project, you could give someone their first book ever. Get together with your family, friends, Sunday School class, or school to provide more books. Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC-BY-NC Find Out MoreFind Out More About Christmas Year-round


More Than Surgery Missionary surgeons are not rich! Especially in Africa. The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons trains surgeons not only to practice surgery but to become missionaries and spiritual leaders of character, but they need books. Support More Than Surgery to provide the spiritual “sword” to go with their scalpel by giving each one a Christian missionary surgeon’s biblical resource pack. Find Out MoreFind Out More About More Than Surgery

A Bible That Makes Sense A Bible that Makes Sense project purchases study Bibles in French with articles and application points written by African theologians and scholars that reference African ways of life, proverbs, and sayings. Supply a leader or Bible teacher with this essential tool to help his or her people respond biblically to Africa's unique challenges. Unknown Author is licensed under CC-BY-NC Find Out MoreFind Out More About A Bible That Makes Sense


Train the Teacher For many years, Synergie Francophone’s Sunday School Curriculum designed for developing countries has seen great success. Allow new generations of children to learn God’s ways by supporting Train the Teacher. Find Out MoreFind Out More About Train the Teacher

print color boxes

Read Right Now! Read Right Now is a collaborative project to install a print-on-demand facility in Kinshasa, DRC. New authors will be able to publish their books in small, affordable runs to get started. Larger quantities of books can be made available at low prices for poorer sectors of the population. Find Out MoreFind Out More About Read Right Now!

giving hands icon

Ministry’s Essential Ingredient What does it take to do ministry? Prayer is our foundation, workers make ministry happen, and God’s people share their resources to cover the operational costs of doing His ministry. Find Out MoreFind Out More About Ministry’s Essential Ingredient

Adopt a High School Give teachers and students an opportunity to understand the Gospel, know Jesus personally, and grow in biblical knowledge by giving a mini-library to a Congolese high school. Find Out MoreFind Out More About Adopt a High School


Together… planting, watering,
growing fruitfulness