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Our Board

Ray Sanford

Ray Sanford - Chairman

Donnell “Ray” Sanford Jr. is Vice President of organizational development at One Challenge. Ray worked in management with AT&T before serving in France for twelve years with OC. He has formal education as an electrical engineer, in business administration, and in missions.

Pam Lisle

Pam Lisle - Secretary

Pam is a strategic business leader in the retained executive search industry, building high performing leadership teams for a variety of industries. She is passionate about helping people reach their full potential professionally and in their walk with Christ. She has served in children's ministries and missions and mentors high school and college students.

Joy Axelson

Joy Axelson

At age 16, Joy became serious about her Christian faith and decided to become a missionary in a French-speaking country. She holds an M.A. in French. She serves with the EFCA as a part-time missionary from her home in Illinois. She is delighted to use her passion for French and French-speaking people as a member of the SF board.

Karl Eisenmenger

Karl Eisenmenger - Treasurer

After graduating college, Karl served in the U. S. Army on the island of Okinawa, Japan. Karl trained as an engineer, is a skilled geologist, and worked for a major French aircraft manufacturer. He served as a church elder and travels cross-culturally for missions. Karl has helped SF increase efficiency as we supply biblical tools to grow the worldwide French-speaking Church.

Gary Hendricks

Gary Hendricks

Gary is from Des Moines, Iowa. In 1995, Gary was challenged by the director of missions at his church to look beyond local mission and participate in a short-term “Impressions Team” with SF. Since then, Gary has supported IT needs of SF. He has a world-sized passion to share Jesus.

Lynn Lockwood

Lynn Lockwood

As a child, Lynn lived in Belgium and France where she knew the founders of SF. She holds B.A. degrees in elementary ed. and French (Wheaton College) and a Graduate Certificate in Bible (Multnomah University). After teaching in the U.S., Lynn served in France for eight years with One Challenge. Lynn is nanny for two preschoolers, grows a Moms in Prayer group, and serves in her church.

Amy Lynelle

Amy Lynelle - Vice Chairman

Amy graduated with a Ph.D. in French language and literature (University of Pittsburgh) in 2008. She has been involved in ministry for over twenty years and has taught French since 1997. She founded an organization called Parents Francophones in 2014. Amy is delighted that SF combines her love of French literature and of missions.