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Pray, give, host, go

Participate in sharing the good news of God’s love, making disciples, educating children in biblical truth, training leaders, and equipping local churches in French-speaking nations to grow and reproduce without even leaving your home! Unless you sign up to join a team, that is.

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We believe that God makes lives and work fruitful through prayer.


Minister to people hungry for God’s word by joining one of our projects

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Are you passionate about getting God’s word into people’s hands and hearts?

Do you, your friends and family know how to do that through Synergie Francophone?

You can spread the word by hosting an educational evening in your home for your friends, or Bible study group. Serve dessert or ask people to bring potluck dishes and invite a Synergie ambassador to give a presentation over Zoom, or even in-person.* Multiply the joy and blessing by allowing others to share their gift of generosity. If you would like a Synergie ambassador to speak to you and your group, please contact

*In-person presentations are available on a limited basis due to location and time constraints.

Use the Contact page to request a presentation that you can show yourself!


Join an Impressions Team!

This is an opportunity to participate in long-term ministry by giving short-term practical help. Impressions teams come alongside permanent ministry workers to encourage and assist them. At the same time, you will gain an impression of living in another culture, learning from it, and contributing to changing lives and communities.

What you will do depends on your skills and experience. It could include building, electrical work, printing and assembling books, literature distribution with sharing the Gospel and teaching, radio work, teaching a course (biblical, or practical skills such as writing and editing), training teachers for children’s Sunday School (curriculum provided), working in a bookstore, getting involved with the local community…

If you or your group would like to take a trip to the Province of Quebec or to a country overseas, please contact . A team can come from a university, a Bible-study or prayer group, a church. If you are alone, we will team you with others. We will provide a French-speaking leader.

Team participants raise their own funds to cover air fare, ground transport, insurance, board and lodging at destination, the orientation training and manual, etc. A non-refundable deposit of $100, payable at time of application, is required. The cost of each trip is calculated according to length of time and variable costs of international and local travel, housing, and food. The total cost of the trip is to be paid 4 weeks before departure. Small scholarships may be available. There is an application and selection process.

Training and debriefing, which are vital to a good team experience, are mandatory. They are as important to the experience as the overseas stay. Training will be in weekly evening Zoom sessions or in person. Air tickets will only be purchased for team members that have completed all the training and raised their funds four weeks prior to departure.

Ask about Impressions Teams to Quebec. Dates are flexible.

Want to join us?

Opportunities to serve:

Graphic Designer to work with publisher in Lyon, France (working remotely from the U.S.A. or Canada is also possible)

Trained apprentice offset printing operator, southern France

Printshop production worker/stock manager, southern France

French-speaking administrator/bookkeeper/computer-assisted publishing, southern France

Ambassadors, U.S.A. to share our vision in churches and at conferences. This role would suit missionaries who have returned from the field, or retired people with a desire to further God’s mission. It is a self-supported, voluntary role that could be part- or full-time.

Contact for more information.