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Stories of lives changed
by access to books

Educating children in a culturally appropriate wayimage

Educating children in a culturally appropriate way

By Mary Ann Miller

While we were missionaries in Congo for 23 years, my major heartache was the lack of Sunday School material in French that could be used to teach God’s Word to the many children in our area. There were adults interested in teaching Sunday School, but no materials suitable for African cultures. Before going to Congo, I had worked at Scripture Press as an editor of Sunday School material…..

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I will not become a fishimage

I will not become a fish

By Dr. Roger Ibengi Dobe, Mth. Ph.D.

How reading a confiscated pamphlet changed the direction of my life Christian literature has always been and remains one of the powerful ways the Holy Spirit brings people to conversion. Its advantage lies in the fact that it easily crosses religious and social barriers and reaches a man…

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