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How are your investments?image

How are your investments?

By Rory Clark, Board Member

Have you ever attended an investment seminar? I have. High end hotel, motivational speaker, promises of rapid wealth, high pressure tactics. Of course, not all investments are scams. Had you lived in, say, first century Ephesus, you could have gotten some excellent investment advice from a certain Paul (a highly qualified expert in “stocks and bonds”)….

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From my students’ perspective…image

From my students’ perspective…

By Ann Wester, EFCA-ReachGlobal missionary from the Central African Republic

In 2018, I had the privilege of teaching a Christian Education course to the 16 students at the Gamboula Theological School in the Central African Republic. Each student was thrilled to receive one book of lessons, plus the teacher’s manual. We read and discussed the teacher’s manual….

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