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Our Staff

Our staff of ten workers, full time or part time here and abroad, is delighted to represent you in reaching out to feed the “hungry giant.” We’ll be happy to answer your questions and share ways that you can impact the French-speaking world with God’s word without even leaving your home – unless you want to join a work team in another country.

Angela Brandle - Executive Director

Angela Brandle - Executive Director

Full-time missionary

Angela has four decades of cross-cultural experience and a passion for the French-speaking world. She holds a B.A. (Hons.) in French (University of Manchester, UK) and graduate qualifications in various fields. She served in France, Quebec, Africa, and the U.S. in leadership, teaching, disciple-making, and translation. She wrote and edited for three French-language magazines and led the SIM International French Media Group. She teaches adult Sunday School at her church.

John Sauceda

John Sauceda - Director of Operations


John started working with SF in 2001 and has provided administrative leadership for all the back-office functions of SF. In 2017, he became our Director of Operations. John works full-time in I.T. at Moody Bible Institute and serves as the Elder Chair at his church.

Ana Imes

Ana Imes - Content and Style Editor


Ana is an undergraduate student at George Fox University, where she studies philosophy, writing, history, and politics. Communication is very important to her, so she loves helping friends and colleagues write clearly and accurately. As editor-in-chief of her university’s newspaper, she has learned the importance of ethical practices in publishing, as well as the value of truth in a society overloaded by information. She is a teaching assistant at GFU.

Jordan Lockwood

Jordan Lockwood - Staff Writer


Jordan is a graduate of George Fox University, where he studied English, philosophy, and history. Working with SF allows him to write stories of people involved in ministries that matter in the French-speaking world. When he’s not writing for SF, he can be found in the customer service department of an orange hardware store, or hard at work on writing (or just planning) a novel.

Eileen Martin

Eileen Martin - Bilingual Executive Assistant


Eileen spent over fourteen years in the American office of a French high-tech company as translator, proofreader, and writer, periodically sent on months-long assignments to France. During this time, she became an American Translators’ Association Certified French-to-English translator. She worked with the French Media Group of SIM International.

Russ & Mary Ann Miller

Russ & Mary Ann Miller - Ambassadors, SE USA

Full-time missionaries

Former missionaries in French-speaking Africa, Russ and Mary Ann joined SF (then BLF) in Belgium in 1997. Mary Ann worked in the Literature Sponsorship Program and edited and facilitated the publication of our Sunday School curriculum for Africa. Russ trained and supervised Impression Teams and maintained the building and grounds at BLF Éditions. The Millers were Bible study group leaders and Sunday School teachers in a Belgian church.

Janet Peluso

Janet Peluso - Stewardship Manager


Janet has spent more than two decades working in the distribution of Christian literature in for-profit and non-profit contexts. She joined SF in 2016. She loves sharing the Gospel. Janet is the person to call for anything to do with your partnership through giving or to send in a request for us to pray for you. To get in touch with her, please use our Contact page.

Nathan & Annie Phillips

Nathan & Annie Phillips, Benjamin and Caleb - Publishing, France

Full-time missionaries

Nathan worked at BLF Éditions (France) as a Graphic Design intern in 2005/6 and returned full-time in 2008. Annie went to France on an Impression Team in 2010 and returned for a year in 2011. Nathan and Annie were married in 2012 and now have two sons. Nathan has used his skills in graphic design with BLF Éditions and Éditions Clé, as well as working with inventory. Annie is skilled in managing orders, contracts, databases, and accounting.

We are looking for staff!

Want to join us?

We are seeking Christians with skills in media and communications for full or part-time employment. We are seeking Christians with cross-cultural experience or who have interest in and knowledge of the French-speaking world to work as Ambassadors in various regions of the U.S.A.

Contact for more information.